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Pleasures of Past Times is now exclusively an online shop (see history)

ORDERING  : This has been changed. Please click the enquiry button or email and state your location and preferred payment method* I will respond within less than 24hours with a bespoke postage and packing quote (at near cost as possible).

*My preferred payment method is via online banking and I send a request based on your location. This is known as ACH in the USA (and is free to use – unlike a wire). This means I can offer P&P at (near) cost. It’s cheaper for you and cheaper for me 🙂

Alternatively, I can send a an invoice which can be paid by Paypal or card. For card payments you’ll need to scroll to the second option and enter your details. No Paypal account is needed.  Payments via the Family & Friends option are preferred and again postage can be offered at cost ( no fees onto).

• Navigation : When you enter the shop, you’ll be presented with four main categories : Books, Posters, Memorabilia & Collections ( we also sell Records). If you already know what you’re looking for type a key word  into the  search panel – top right.

When you click a category, stock is default listed with the most recently listed items first. There’s also a drop down menu – to the right – you can search by price : high to low.

You’ll see the same 4 categories in the right hand column, depending on which category you’re browsing, you’ll see all the subcategories beneath.  If you scroll further down to a list of tags that can be clicked on. Have fun browsing !

PHOTOS  are of the actual item for sale (unless stated). To zoom in – either right click the image for it to pop up in new window or use the magnifier to zoom in.

Best price ? Best price ? Best price ? Best price ? Best price ? Best price ? Best price ? Best price ? Best price ?

These are the best prices. We try and keep the prices fair to PoPT and the customer. Items are priced according to cost, condition and comparable items online – we want to offer the best stock at the best price. There is no standard mark up. So no automatic 10% or 20% discounts or ‘best price’.

We endeavour to give the best information, so you know exactly what your purchasing in terms of edition/printing & condition. Also the background of an item. This takes time, experience and expertise.

All photos and descriptions are © Paul Drummond please do not use them on AbeBooks or eBay etc.

We love buying new stock, so if you have material to sell: please email  photos with a detailed description of the condition and edition.  But please no reproductions or copies.

Of particular interest, the weirder the better-  rare original posters, records, ephemera (flyers, tickets), counter culture books, magazines (especially early OZ) by trouble makers and original thinkers :  including  – Martin Sharp, McInnerney, Hapshash, Sex Pistols, Bowie, T.REX.

13th Floor Elevators: A Visual History – Paul Drummond – book review