We want information.

This website is an online extension of the shop window, designed to entice you to visit. New stock acquisitions are previewed at the physical shop. It will never be possible to list everything online.

The online stock is a refined version of the shop, offering quality, not quantity. All points and faults are detailed transparently. We hate wasting our time, so unless something is very rare, you will never find any items listed with previous owners’ markings, price clipped dust jackets and NEVER ex-library! However, you might find yourself a bargain at the shop…

For the launch of our new 50th Anniversary website, we have POPT Catalogue #1.  It reflects what was happening in London when the shop opened during the Summer of Love in 1967 and the Summer of Hate – Punk in 1977. 

In time the antiquarian stock will be uploaded.


We are open 5 days a week. However we’ve had to limit the hours that we’re open for walk-in browsing- so if the door isn’t open: PLEASE RING THE BELL.

Tuesday & Wednesday:
Please Ring the Bell  11am-6pm

Thursday, Friday, Saturday:
OPEN for general browsing around & about 11am-6pm.

Sunday & Monday: CLOSED or by appointment

Email: info@pleasuresofpasttimes.com

Please email, as preference is always given to serving customers and we are also very, very bad at checking the answer machine…

But if you have to…

 +44 (0) 20 7836 1142

We love buying new stock, so if you have material to sell: please email us with photos and a detailed description.

Of particular interest : rare posters, records, ephemera- flyers, tickets, counter culture books, magazines (especially early OZ magazines) by trouble makers and original thinkers !!!  including  …Martin Sharp,, McInnerney, Hapshash, Sex Pistols, Bowie, T.REX, We’ll respond quickly and arrange an appointment – if we are interested. The weirder the better.

However if you are “down sizing and having a clear out”, sorry, but the shop is too small to take on bulk collections of magazines.  Please, no more  theatre programmes, even donated!

 I am not a number, I am a free man!

We are here 5 days a week, but it is not always possible to have the door open to the public because we have other work to do.  Please Ring the Bell.

Alternatively, you might find the door closed because we can be overwhelmed by visitors who see the shop as a museum (without visiting the gift shop!)

Please Ring the Bell.